Why do we do what we do? {Keeping Memories Alive}

2015-07-24 09.08.05

This past week I took my little family to the Indianapolis Museum and it was a BLAST! They have this whole glass ceiling that you find shapes in, every morning this week I wake up wishing I was in the spinning chair looking at all those beautiful colors and shapes. But enough of that – I obviously don’t need a glass ceiling- I need more coffee.

There is also a part of the Children’s Museum that is dedicated to children of the world who have shaped our lives, country and literally changed the world.

Anne Franks, Ruby Bridges, Ryan White

There is an area where children write a promise on a leaf about how they are going to make the world a better place. While Domino was doing that- I went through the Ryan White room.

Honesty, and more embarrassingly, I wasn’t really sure who Ryan was or what he did. I was still really young and sheltered in the 90’s. He had gotten AID’s from a blood transfusion and helped rid the nation of misinformation and fear.

He was so brave- so so brave. In his short life he brought to the world more guidance and understanding than most people give in 90 years.

His room is set up there- exactly how it was when he left it. As if I wasn’t crying enough already, you turn the corner, and there are his baby photos. The blanket in the photos, was one that his grandmother had crocheted him. It too, was folded right next to his baby toys.\

At that point, I was sobbing.

That is why we do what we do? Right? Why we create beautiful images and keepsakes. To pass on to future generations. To give to loved ones to cherish memories. Ryan’s family has that tiny blanket and photos for years to come. His mom wanted to keep spreading the word about his life, his disease and his amazing work. She could do that by the keepsakes that were left behind.

Today I am proud to say that I’m a part of keeping memories alive. I have had parents and photographers request a keepsake prop for a child that may not make it much longer. Ones that have passed for remembrance and ones for children to have during recovery. It is always an honor to be chosen to be the one to help create a memory- or keep it alive.

By the way, Domino finished her leaf and my baby brother took her though the Anne Frank exhibit, because I was crying so bad I couldn’t. Poor girl.


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