My Favorite Time of Year {When My Business Goes “Bust”}

 My Favorite Time of Year 

{When My Business Goes “Bust”} 

2015-07-24 09.08.1666

What do you do when you are getting sessions like crazy- October and November were so busy that you had to stay up until 2 am EVERY night to get close to getting all your sessions edited, uploaded, sent – whatever you do- and the constant stream of e-mails wonder where the galleries are.

You look to December for a break

 “As soon as these Christmas Cards are done- I will breathe again.” Right?

Little do you know- you can breath again – until you realize 2 things. First off- you now have  no cash coming in- and it is time to buy Christmas Presents. Second –  you are bored out of your mind.

I get it- been there- done that. For YEARS. Not kidding- I was a slow learner. I would work like crazy to get orders out and then amazingly Dec 6th everything stopped. Complete Crickets.

Instead of enjoying my holiday, I was stressed- upset- bored and worried.

What if I never got another order again? 

I know that is a bit dramatic- but that’s me! Overly dramatic when I’m bored and stressed.

The past two years I have had a “fool proof” plan. 

I actually close up shop. Which sounds crazy when you are hurting for business- but when work is slow- it is so easy to sit around on your computer just waiting for someone to message you that might be interested. The amount of hours I have sat in front of Facebook during the holidays- instead of with my family- is embarrassing. So I vow not to do that. Yes- I take orders- if I get a message when I’m checking up on things and I can squeeze it in or have it Ready to Ship- I am always happy to help! But sitting around on Facebook while everyone is enjoying eggnog (YUM!) no longer happens.

I shop early- and online- for Christmas presents. The slowly come in in December and I can wrap them and stick them under the tree. No “worries” about not having presents for everyone under the tree. The few things I get locally- I run to the store on Christmas Eve for- because ya know- I like the rush of last min holiday shopping- I usually take my dad so it is SUPER intense 🙂 LOL

And my FAVORITE part of this year- When all orders are out (which is happening this week! YAY!!!)I plan the next year.

I window shop for new colors, new fibers, and new patterns.I start planning color combinations for the next season- start chatting with prospective customers on color palates and items for Spring. I do some heavy duty organizing within my business and personal life. I follow up on business classes that I have taken and had to put on the back burner during busy times.

I work on my “theme” for the year- the style that I’m bringing to all my photographers. ReiLynn Designs is known for unique color combinations- but toward the end of the year, I focused on unique textures, and writing my own patterns. I know that I’ll be adding to that this year. I’m adding new fibers- new tie back designs and adding to the afghan styles that I already create.

Most important- I make sure to spend holidays with my family. That is- after all- why I started ReiLynn Designs in the first place. I wanted a business that I could spend time with my family and share my passions to the world. In no way was being too stressed to enjoy my holidays part of that plan.

Instead of worrying, and being stressed, remember who you are and what you are doing it for. Take this time for self reflection and business planning. This is your chance to start out 2015 right- positive and inspired!

I am sending this blog out along with my top ways to stay inpsired in the newsletter. If you would like to receive the newsletter- just visit the shop and put your e-mail address in the top bar.


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