3 Ways I Built a Better Brand


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When Starting a business, it is so easy to look to other brands and companies you love. Find all of these companies- mush them together- and create your brand. Market. Sales. Systems. Social Media. Branding. Using other peoples success to create your own.

I am so sad to say – that is what I did. For years I followed the crowd. Anyone remember the “Only post 2 photos at a time- then FB bumps your pages up!”

Following the “rules” got me to the point where both of my companies were full time jobs. My bills were paid, with enough left over to reinvest in my company and have some “extras” with my family!

That wasn’t good enough for me- so I tried something new. And guess what?

Business boomed! I kid you not! Extra time, extra money, extra extra extra! My personal happiness and creativity can’t be contained. Which, for a small business owner- that is hard to come by.

I am sure you are all dying to know what changed? What made my life so much better?

I have 3 MAJOR reasons that out of nowhere my business boom happened. It didn’t have anything to do with my customers, the economy, or good ol’ fashion work. Now, that isn’t to say that I don’t have the absolute best customers, the economy went on an uphill turn and I work my butt off- but that wasn’t the end all game for me.

Capturing the Creativity

I’ve said it so many times before, when you wake up- write down 10 creative thoughts. Color combos you like, organizing ideas, session themes, product launches, favorite fonts, home decorating, hair styles, ANYTHING that gets your creative thoughts going -even before your coffee in the morning. When you are feeling low, burnt out and tired of the same old stuff, you’ll have a list of a TON of things to perk your spirit. Being creative isn’t something that comes natural, you learn how to be creative. You can learn to constantly tap into that higher dimension of thoughts, feelings and expressions.

I do this exercise almost daily and not only does it help with business, it helps in my personal life. Instead of putting ALL my creative thoughts into business, I like to split it up, planning vacations, date nights, decorating ideas and fun crafts for my daughter- and that brings me to #2.

Time for Fun and Family 

Part of my introduction about my companies always starts with “Well, I was a stay at home mom, and wanted to build a better life for my little girl.” Which is so cliche- right? We all do this for our life/kids/family/ourselves. But in the midst of building 2 companies (and I’m working on a 3rd) I realized that I wasn’t even spending time with my family. I was missing out on date nights. I was sticking my little princess in front of Frozen day after day to get everything done on my “to do” list. Money was slow, sales were slower, and I didn’t think I had time for a day off, or an excuse to spend the extra cash I had on a fun night out. I mean- I was swamped at work and still didn’t have the money coming in to spare.


I set a mandatory date day once a week. Every week. We go out to lunch, have a glass of wine and just spend time together again. Our first few date days started out with us cashing in quarters to play pool at a local wing spot. Those 4 quarters and 30 mins out of the house was amazing. It completely re-vamped my spirit and made work fun again.

Another thing that was SO easy to do- I put a weekly withdraw on my account. It wasn’t much- but after a few months- that withdraw paid for a beach vacation. You want to talk about rejuvenating! Oh my gosh! Margaritas by the ocean, petting stingrays, maid service- it doesn’t get much better than that!

Those two little things can put life into perspective. It totally calms me down- which makes business and creating fun. It creates something to talk about other than yarn-which is the least exciting conversation to everyone except me.

Following your Passion 

This totally sounds like a far off fantasy, but it is so much easier than most. Instead of brainstorming what I thought was going to be a “big seller.” I started making what I love. My passions with colorful new designs! It feels great that EVERY prop I make is something I love. If I don’t love the idea- I simply don’t do it. Now that my page is full of designs I love, my customers have fallen into place. I don’t have people sending me crazy requests, because my style it is so straightforward.

I could go on and on about the tweaks I made to my business- but those are the three most important. Another fun tweak I do every few months, is a Business Boost. It helps me really hone in on where my companies are going and where I want to be. It helps to clean up my shops, social media and plan for next season. After a few other vendors requested to join in on the boost- I decided to make it an easy-peasy PDF mini course. It runs for 5 days and each PDF gets emailed to you starting Wednesday morning.

Here is your link to claim your spot:

Business Boost Challenge


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