Inspiration is all Around Us


It is no secret that I haven’t debuted a full new line in months. Since Spring Showers. And that I am desperately clinging onto that line and refusing to let it go, even adding new props to it! What am I? Crazy? This isn’t how to run a creative business! When you are running a buisness aimed at helping others be inspired- to bring thier most creative thoughts forward- you CAN NOT slack.

My biggest cop-out is that I am not “inspired.” It is everyones cop-out. It is easy and there isnt a while lot that others can say that makes it sounds irrelevant.

But that is the problem. Average people think you need to be inspired. They can only do something creative when they see something they love in Pinterest. Or they step into someone else’s home and see something that they admire, and mimic it in their own home.

The real creative is the person who goes takes the old stuff in their home, and turns it into something they love, something they are proud of, something that even if no one else cares for it- it came from their soul. That is the creativity that I aim for in my business.

When I feel a little less “inspired” I turn to some of my favorite quotes. These bring inspiration from within vs from outside circumstances. Feel free to save and share these for days when you need a little pick-me-up šŸ™‚

By the way, in my new prop pattern course, I am going over my favorite exercises for inspiration and keeping up the creativity. Link to sign up is here.

Inspirational Quotes

Try something different, even if you don't think it will wok.

Take time to do what makes you happy.


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