~New Shop Debut~

Hi! I am SOooooo excited for this announcement!

Now, if you are part of the email list, you already know- but I just have to say it again. Everything is Ready to Ship!

Newborn Bonnets, Ready to Ship Bonnet, Bonnet

Right before fall I do a “Business Boost Challenge” and it really sets me on a great course for the busy fall season. I revamp my yearly goals, set a track to end the year well and figure out why some of my goals aren’t exactly what I wanted them to be.

This year my main goal was to not close the shop. For the last 5 years, I have closed the shop at least a week for every month. Which is crazy. I mean- that week, while you are unavailable, my incredible customers are still out there working and needing newborn props. The other hand of that though, means increasing turn around time. Which I hate even more than closing up shop every 3 weeks.

At one point over the summer, my turn around time was reaching over 30 days. I did end up closing the shop for a couple of weeks to get back on track.

So at my mid-year review, I concluded that I failed my no-close goal and I had a crazy long wait time.

That is completely unacceptable to me.

On top of all that craziness- I went 4 months without producing a single new design. What? A third of the year? Gone. Just like that. Nothing new to put into the world and make your passion a little easier, a little more beautiful and a little more fun.

So in the midst of fiber and virtual chaos I decided my clear cut plan to improve.

  • I merged both of my shops (SweetPeas & SugarPlums and ReiLynn Designs) to create one amazing newborn/cake smash boutique just for creative and colorful photographers!
  • I created and launched 4 new designs (Name Hats, Barkley Line, Cream Kisses Line, and Butterfly Wings)
  • I made the entire shop Ready to Ship only! YAYY!! (Turn around time is 1-3 days now!)
  • And last but not least- Upgraded the entire shop to a new host.

That last one was crazy but WELL worth it!

The new shop has some incredible features, reviews on product listings, new and improved categories, beautifully organized product images, Priority and First Class Shipping Options, and last but not least, an integrated blog.

I have started out this new and improved shop with a 40% off coupon code! YAYY!!! It is for all the ready to ship bonnets in the Bonnets Category: Here

Use Coupon Code: BONNET40 for your discount 🙂


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