A Review: Stand In Baby

17274758_1453153528090514_1229561412_n (1)

If you haven’t heard about the Stand In Baby (SIB,) it is a newborn posing tool. It is weighted and sized just like a newborn with move-able joints, perfect for practicing newborn posing. I absolutely fell in love with with it as soon as I saw their kickstarter campaign.

Last month, I rented one from Amy Cook Photography and it was everything I had hoped for!

Stand In Baby-24

When I rented it, I was planning on just using it for the debut of my new spring prop line, but when we started, we just couldn’t stop! In just 7 days- we did over 15 different “sessions” using our rented SIB, utilizing it for prop shots, parent posing, sibling posing and transitional workflow. With the SIB’s ability to mimic skin tones, we were able to play with lighting and editing techniques for composite images as well. Amber and I walked away from each session inspired, exhausted and sore- but with so much creative energy we were ready to do it all over again the next morning.


Practicing with the SIB was a total game changer. Instantly, during our first session after returning the SIB, we knew how much better we had gotten. Our workflow has been smooth, each transition, angle, and pose has been just right, with each baby melting into each set. Getting just the right angles to create a beautifully unique gallery- but one that flows well on our clients walls has been one of our biggest accomplishments. The confidence we have when wrapping and posing along with the gentle atmosphere of our studio, shows our newborn parents that their baby is safe and sound, with professionals who know how to capture these priceless memories.


The creators of Stand In Baby will be at the Belly Baby and Beyond Conference as speakers and vendors- the perfect opportunity to get a hands-on SIB experience!


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