Prop Feature {Outfits}


Isn’t this the cutest little outfit? The adorable beanie with little button- and the pants with the little working bum flap is so precious! And the texture is completely unique- made from a special stretchy stitch, to ensure it fits just right. It is hard to say “good-bye” to- but I am sad to say, when the shop re-opens in May, this outfit will no longer be available.

But you know what they say, “Sometimes you have to let something good go, to make room for something great.” and that is exactly what I am doing. All of my unique outfits will be leaving the shop for good- and while I am so sad about it, I am looking toward the horizon to the new, creative things in store for ReiLynn Designs.

Along with this super cute Peek-A-Boo Outfit, all other hat and pants sets will be taken out of the shop Friday. Make sure that if you don’t have them in your prop stash, that you add them before the shop closes for April updates!

Spring Showers Tassel Hat and Pants SetSage, Gray and YellowPink Bone IvoryGray Coral and AquaCoral Lavender and PinkOcean, Aqua, Lime

DSC_7665 web ready 960px wide FACEBOOK11248691_10153443236974583_4066028472526672418_n10552542_10204770287240843_975719729715334589_n


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