Coral, Pink, Sage, Yellow and Bone Color Inspiration

You know how sometimes creativity grabs you and won’t let you go? Well that just happened. I have been creating newborn headbands for years, but was on the fence on whether I was going to open up my Headband of the Month Club for new members this year, or if I was going to add them to my inventory for the Belly Baby and Beyond Conference (yes, this was after I ordered around 15lbs of fabric flowers – they are taking over my life.) But at about 3AM last week- I decided I was going to do it all. Which also included staying up all night making headbands because I just couldn’t stop.

So this set is this month’s Headband of the Month Club headband set- which is being shipped out at the end of the month to all members (so yes- there is time to sign up) and to sweeten your first month, each member will be getting a $10.00 Shop Credit code for May! How awesome is that! (If $10.00 isn’t enough- I’m having a flash sale today on all the bigger shop credits for re-opening day! Here’s the shop credit link.)


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