*Color Course*

Be Unique

Earlier last month I opened up pre-registration for my newsletter subscribers and Facebook VIP group to the most creative course I teach, the Color Course! And let me tell you, the emails, messages and comments I have received about how much this color theory course is needed, just astounded me.

While I was shocked at how many people struggle with planning their sessions, and really digging deep into the style they love, but I really shouldn’t have been. Four years ago, I was were you are now. I had so many creative ideas rushing through my head, colors, props, babies, backdrops- I could barely contain myself, and to make me sound even more crazy, I didn’t even have a studio! That is what happens when true artists get inspired. It is an all or nothing game- because as soon as the inspiration ends – so does the fun. It is like trudging through mud uphill, and it can be easy to give up (just like I did.)

I remember putting together a newborn session for a friend. I thought up the cutest color combinations and styled the whole session with the new props I was launching. I took 2 online workshops and really thought I had my act together. The session went completely as planned, baby was perfect, props fit great- everything was coming together. That was, until I uploaded the images onto my computer.

It is like all of my newly found photography skills push my deep seeded artistic knowledge out the window. I had taken years of color theory and composition courses, but you would never know it by looking at those images. The baby was precious, perfect skin and hair. Great natural lighting (especially for a newbie photographer.) But those colors – my favorite part of creating props and session designing with my photography friends – had failed me. Instead of the colors and textures pulling and pushing your focus to my friends precious baby girl, they took your glance away, in a mess of color. The worst part, was that I didn’t even realize that was the problem.

Now, my friend loved her images, but I put my camera away for 2 more years after that session, thinking that newborn photography just wasn’t my thing. It wasn’t until months later that I looked at those images again, and understood my creative error. Instantly I thought back to so many photographers who I had talked to, that said “well color just isn’t something I’m good at.” I hadn’t understood until now- how could someone have trouble with color? It’s awesome!

Then the light bulb went off- color theory in regards to newborn photography is different than just regular ol’ color theory. There is a baby factor there- you aren’t wanting every piece of your artwork to hold the same weight, like you may want in fine art, you want the focus to be on your precious little model. We build our sessions to bring focus toward your subject, and a color contrast in the wrong spot can destroy that.

That is why I am bringing you the Color Course. It is specially designed to help you create unique color combinations and implement them in your sessions- for the perfect artwork!

In this course you are going to learn, and master:

 Color Theory and how to apply it to your newborn sessions
 Session planning guides on working with parents favorite colors
 Creative use of colors and props
 Layering colors during sessions to bring focus to baby
 Studio organization tips we use to make session planning and prop buying easy and seamless
 My personal list of over 100 unique color combinations that make session planning a breze
 A live chat to answer questions on color use and session design

You can sign up here!


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