Journaling for Photographers: 7 Day Challenge {Day 2: Favorites}

When you are feeling stressed, it can suck the creativity right from you. Stress and drama only creates more stress and drama. When your body feels stress, it goes into the “fight or flight” mode, creating an impossible place to let creative thoughts multiply and survive. But how do you make the choice to say “I will be stress free today” and then combat all the stress triggers set in motion from the day before? It isn’t easy, but becoming free from stress is the best way to let inspiration and creativity flow to you- so it is a must do for all creative people!

In addition to doing gratitude journal entries, listing your favorites creates a huge serge of positive energy. These types of surges can take you up and over anxiety and stress from work and clear the way for some of your best ideas.

With this prompt, you want to get as detailed as possible, add in all the feelings, thoughts and ideas that come along in your story. The goal is to feel the same feelings while writing your prompt, as you do/would feel in real life talking about your favorite! Let the great energy flow!


Write Your 5 Favorites:

  1. Favorite Session Story
  2. Favorite place to photograph (even if you haven’t been there yet!)
  3. Favorite Photographer (add in why you love them!)
  4. Favorite Type of Session
  5. Favorite Moment Photographing (can be from a session, life, travel or just random! Make it good 🙂 )

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