About Me

My name is Karie and I am the creator of ReiLynn Designs. Crafting is my hobby and babies are my passion- it was destiny for ReiLynn Designs to become my dream and share my talents with the photography world.

I started crocheting when I was about 7. My mom taught me while writing a crochet book featuring my soon-to-be baby brother’s blanket. I was “hooked!” My first blanket was finished my third grade year, and I crocheted every recess instead of playing with the other kids.

Many, many years later and more blankets later I had my daughter and inspiration- Domino ReiLynn. After non-stop crocheting during a bedrest filled pregnancy, I was running out of space for all the precious hand-made items that I had been crafting away on. Weeks later, ReiLynn Designs was born.

My favorite mornings are filled with coffee, my family and a skein of yarn! Each one of the pieces I make is made with love, care and years of experience. I am proud to say that I know the art of crocheting and am able to pass these skills to others.


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’ve checked your Facebook, and your handiwork is just gorgeous!! I don’t specialise in newborn, though I’m always excited to take photographs of these tiny little things ( some aren’t!) when asked. Do you make very much for older babies or toddlers, and can they be ordered from the UK?

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