*Color Course*

Earlier last month I opened up pre-registration for my newsletter subscribers and Facebook VIP group to the most creative course I teach, the Color Course! And let me tell you, the emails, messages and comments I have received about how much this color theory course is needed, just astounded me. While I was shocked at […]

“IMITATION IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF FLATTERY” : 3 Steps to handle being copied

“Imitation is the highest form of flattery” Who hasn’t heard that? Or even said it? I know I have! But when you are faced with someone taking your unique and creative idea- putting it out there for the world to see- and taking credit- it is anything but flattering. When you are┬ásuccessful, you will always […]

Why do we do what we do? {Keeping Memories Alive}

This past week I took my little family to the Indianapolis Museum and it was a BLAST! They have this whole glass ceiling that you find shapes in, every morning this week I wake up wishing I was in the spinning chair looking at all those beautiful colors and shapes. But enough of that – […]