Coral, Pink, Sage, Yellow and Bone Color Inspiration

You know how sometimes creativity grabs you and won’t let you go? Well that just happened. I have been creating newborn headbands for years, but was on the fence on whether I was going to open up my Headband of the Month Club for new members this year, or if I was going to add them to my inventory for the Belly Baby and Beyond Conference (yes, this was after I ordered around 15lbs of fabric flowers – they are taking over my life.) But at about 3AM last week- I decided I was going to do it all. Which also included staying up all night making headbands because I just couldn’t stop.

So this set is this month’s Headband of the Month Club headband set- which is being shipped out at the end of the month to all members (so yes- there is time to sign up) and to sweeten your first month, each member will be getting a $10.00 Shop Credit code for May! How awesome is that! (If $10.00 isn’t enough- I’m having a flash sale today on all the bigger shop credits for re-opening day! Here’s the shop credit link.)


Prop Feature {Outfits}


Isn’t this the cutest little outfit? The adorable beanie with little button- and the pants with the little working bum flap is so precious! And the texture is completely unique- made from a special stretchy stitch, to ensure it fits just right. It is hard to say “good-bye” to- but I am sad to say, when the shop re-opens in May, this outfit will no longer be available.

But you know what they say, “Sometimes you have to let something good go, to make room for something great.” and that is exactly what I am doing. All of my unique outfits will be leaving the shop for good- and while I am so sad about it, I am looking toward the horizon to the new, creative things in store for ReiLynn Designs.

Along with this super cute Peek-A-Boo Outfit, all other hat and pants sets will be taken out of the shop Friday. Make sure that if you don’t have them in your prop stash, that you add them before the shop closes for April updates!

Spring Showers Tassel Hat and Pants SetSage, Gray and YellowPink Bone IvoryGray Coral and AquaCoral Lavender and PinkOcean, Aqua, Lime

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Felted Curly Layer Debut!

Stand In Baby-14-2

Last year, I started doing felted layers for our studio and fell in love with the textures and colors of them! I really didn’t realized how soft and sweet they were until I started using them in every session we had! They are now our “go-to” prop layer, so it was only fitting that I added them to the shop during our Spring Line Launch!

Each one is approx 18-20 inches and has piles of angelic curls, center felted for a beautiful round layer. The colors naturally ombre, and show stunning depth of color and layer in a one of a kind look.

You can purchase your own Curly Felted Layers here: Felted Layers 


Stand In Baby-18-2Stand In Baby-35Stand In Baby-48Stand In Baby-58Stand In Baby-64

A Review: Stand In Baby

17274758_1453153528090514_1229561412_n (1)

If you haven’t heard about the Stand In Baby (SIB,) it is a newborn posing tool. It is weighted and sized just like a newborn with move-able joints, perfect for practicing newborn posing. I absolutely fell in love with with it as soon as I saw their kickstarter campaign.

Last month, I rented one from Amy Cook Photography and it was everything I had hoped for!

Stand In Baby-24

When I rented it, I was planning on just using it for the debut of my new spring prop line, but when we started, we just couldn’t stop! In just 7 days- we did over 15 different “sessions” using our rented SIB, utilizing it for prop shots, parent posing, sibling posing and transitional workflow. With the SIB’s ability to mimic skin tones, we were able to play with lighting and editing techniques for composite images as well. Amber and I walked away from each session inspired, exhausted and sore- but with so much creative energy we were ready to do it all over again the next morning.


Practicing with the SIB was a total game changer. Instantly, during our first session after returning the SIB, we knew how much better we had gotten. Our workflow has been smooth, each transition, angle, and pose has been just right, with each baby melting into each set. Getting just the right angles to create a beautifully unique gallery- but one that flows well on our clients walls has been one of our biggest accomplishments. The confidence we have when wrapping and posing along with the gentle atmosphere of our studio, shows our newborn parents that their baby is safe and sound, with professionals who know how to capture these priceless memories.


The creators of Stand In Baby will be at the Belly Baby and Beyond Conference as speakers and vendors- the perfect opportunity to get a hands-on SIB experience!

Lavender, Sage and Taupe Newborn Color Inspiration



Last week, my favorite lavender flowers started popping through the ground, signaling that spring is on the way (I’m in complete denial that it is currently snowing.) So this week’s color inspiration is all about lavender!

  • Taupe
  • Lavender
  • Orchid
  • Sage
  • Soft Lavender

Props used in this image:

Belly, Baby and Beyond Conference


I can not even contain my excitement for the first ever Belly Baby and Beyond Conference! Ana Brant has put together some of the best newborn photographers for this event, making it the best place to learn and grow your your photography business. Meeting all of these amazing photographers is a dream come true and I hope to see you there, too!

When you sign up, you’ll receive a special discount code for my shop, and I am also offering a special $50 shop credit to each attendee who messages me their receipt after registering!

 ~ Register Here~ 



In addition to the incredible speakers, teachers and classes, some of the best newborn prop vendors will be attending (including the StandinBaby, Intuition Backgrounds, and the Simple Swaddler!)


I am going to be there with a booth full of newborn tassel hats and bonnets (and a few surprise props too!) I have been working like crazy on inventory just for this special event, and I can’t wait for you to see everything!

Don’t forget to send me your registration receipt for your $50 shop credit!

~Register Here~