Prop Feature {Outfits}

Isn’t this the cutest little outfit? The adorable beanie with little button- and the pants with the little working bum flap is so precious! And the texture is completely unique- made from a special stretchy stitch, to ensure it fits just right. It is hard to say “good-bye” to- but I am sad to say, […]

Felted Curly Layer Debut!

Last year, I started doing felted layers for our studio and fell in love with the textures and colors of them! I really didn’t realized how soft and sweet they were until I started using them in every session we had! They are now our “go-to” prop layer, so it was only fitting that I […]

Baby Boy Photography Prop Barkley Line

Last week, I mentioned some quotes that really get me ready to create new designs for the shop (Read that post here.) Another exercise I love to do is take a couple days and get into nature. That is where I came up with the line that debuted last week. 🙂

I spent an overnight at Barkley Lake in KY- which is so beautiful! So many gorgeous trees, sunsets and the water- LOVE. I spent my morning in the woods drinking coffee and reading and my evenings on the lake.

The blues, greens and soft browns are so amazing together- and there aren’t very many photography props created just for baby boys.