Prop Feature {Outfits}

Isn’t this the cutest little outfit? The adorable beanie with little button- and the pants with the little working bum flap is so precious! And the texture is completely unique- made from a special stretchy stitch, to ensure it fits just right. It is hard to say “good-bye” to- but I am sad to say, […]

Lavender, Sage and Taupe Newborn Color Inspiration

    Last week, my favorite lavender flowers started popping through the ground, signaling that spring is on the way (I’m in complete denial that it is currently snowing.) So this week’s color inspiration is all about lavender! Taupe Lavender Orchid Sage Soft Lavender Props used in this image: Lavender Butterfly Wing Set

Baby Boy Photography Prop Barkley Line

Last week, I mentioned some quotes that really get me ready to create new designs for the shop (Read that post here.) Another exercise I love to do is take a couple days and get into nature. That is where I came up with the line that debuted last week. 🙂

I spent an overnight at Barkley Lake in KY- which is so beautiful! So many gorgeous trees, sunsets and the water- LOVE. I spent my morning in the woods drinking coffee and reading and my evenings on the lake.

The blues, greens and soft browns are so amazing together- and there aren’t very many photography props created just for baby boys.

“IMITATION IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF FLATTERY” : 3 Steps to handle being copied

“Imitation is the highest form of flattery” Who hasn’t heard that? Or even said it? I know I have! But when you are faced with someone taking your unique and creative idea- putting it out there for the world to see- and taking credit- it is anything but flattering. When you are successful, you will always […]

My Favorite Time of Year {When My Business Goes “Bust”}

 My Favorite Time of Year  {When My Business Goes “Bust”}  What do you do when you are getting sessions like crazy- October and November were so busy that you had to stay up until 2 am EVERY night to get close to getting all your sessions edited, uploaded, sent – whatever you do- and the […]

Quality Props for Quality Pictures

A few weeks ago, I was on a site that was bickering back and fourth about the best way to get professional photos for vendor’s shops. This bickering went on for days and while I didn’t partake int, I watched the drama unfold. There are SO many issues with the prop trade for photos ordeal- […]